You bring the creativity, I'll craft magic out of it.


Webdiamond is a one-man-show about bringing creativity to life. I work as a consultant doing both front-end and back-end jobs, developing user experiences that make your users beg for more.

I won't bore you with much specifics here, if you want those I'll point you to my résumé-page. (recruiters: yes, downloadable Word-format is available there)

About me

I started webdevelopment around age 16. Happily, those creations are gone, and they've been replaced with something more robust and professional. That doesn't incline that I'm just going to be saying "aye" all the time, if I think I have a better idea I will share it - the intensity will vary on the (technical) importance.

One thing I've learnt over the years is DRY. Being a true developer, I try to be as lazy as possible - meaning less work, more reusable components and overall more consistency, both for developers and users. Everybody wins!

That's not all I've learnt, though. Head over to my résumé-page to find out more about the things I've learnt and am learning.


I'm working on an assignment at Mediahuis. Extensions of their contract possible as of January 2017.


I love getting mail! If e-mail is a bit too non-2015 for you, you can contact me through LinkedIn or Twitter, that's fine too.